C'Est la vie
Anonymous said:  Where'd you go?

I just took a much needed break!

Anonymous said:  hii, I missed you and your story. are you back on track soon. i hope so, i miss you really :(

Hopefully I will be soon! Missed you too lovely :)

Anonymous said:  hey hey!!! welcomeback!!! missed you xxx <3

thank you lovely! I’ve missed you as well! :) xo

Anonymous said:  FINALLY YOU BACK!!! YAAAAA!!1

:D xo

katiehud said:  OMG! I missed you! So glad you're back! Good luck with your senior year love!

I’ve missed y’all sooooo much! You have no idea! It feels good to be back! Thank you so much :) xo

Guess who’s back, back again, tbstyles13 is back, tell a friend. 

Hi babies! Oh how I’ve missed all of y’all SO much! I know some of you may not be the happiest with me for just abruptly ending my stories but I just didn’t feel anything for them anymore and there was absolutely no inspiration or motivation to write. I want to sincerely apologize for leaving my amazing readers hanging and letting them down, I should have just at least given y’all a warning that I was going to take a long break but it kind of just happened over time. I didn’t plan for the break, it just kind of happened.

Anyways, SO much has happened and I’d love to share it with anyone who wants to listen but I won’t get into that right now. But the best part is, I’m back and I’ve missed my lovelies oh so very much! And maybe, just maybe, I can possibly pick up on my series soon, but please DO NOT get your hopes up. It’s almost time for school to start. That means I’m going to be a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL. Time flies, right? It seems like just yesterday I was a little 15-year-old freshman learning about 1D and now look at me. Almost 18 and one day closer to seeing five of the loves of my life. WHAT EVEN. 

Anyways, I want to catch up with all of you! So please, come visit my ask box!

I love every single one of you!

xoxo, Tay


Sorry but… this is love. Real love.

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